We’re always looking to add to the show!

Interested in exhibiting? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Tractors, implements and vintage articles utilized in farming, earthmoving, logging and general rural life. Dated 1970’s and older.
  • Engines. We welcome steam or gas engines dating 1850 to 1950, including hit and miss engines and power units.
  • “Classic” automobiles and motorcycles.
  • Military vehicles, tanks, halftracks, jeeps, trucks, and any other tracked or wheeled type of vehicle used in the military of any country at any time.
  • Horses and Mules. The “original tractor,” we love having animals with wagons, carts, plows, graders, etc.  (Please contact Wade Taylor of the Paso Robles Pioneer Day Committee if interested in bringing equine; 805-550-1078.)
  • Trucks. This includes antique trucks, firetrucks, and trailers utilized in farming, ranching, construction, trucking or commerce of any type.
  • Any other items and displays that are complementary to the above. Blacksmithing? early-American history reenactments? If in doubt, email us with a description and photo.



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